The PressurePro Tyre Management System

Tyres Tell No Lies.

The tyres on your equipment reflect in detail the management of your operations. Tyres reflect the maintenance regimes, how your operators respect the equipment they operate and how you manage your costs.

Tyres form a major cost centre in any truck operation, for a road transport operation tyres are a considerable cost but also very high on the safety watch list.

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Tyre maintenance is no rocket science, the first three laws of tyre maintenance are pressure checks, pressure maintenance, and pressure regulation.

But how do we achieve these outcomes?

This question is now easily answered! The use of electronic tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) has been mandated in the USA, EU for some time now. The PressurePro TPMS has been a global leader for more than 27 years, bringing control to your tyre program from the comfort of the operators seat, or even your office.

Using electronic pressure sensors attached to the valve stems PressurePro TPMS actively monitors your tyres as your tyres are in operation. The system provides low pressure alerts well before a tyre is visibly low in pressure and when you’re pushing hard to get the job done no one ever thinks about tyres overheating, PressurePro does.

An in cab monitor tracks the pressures, acting as a silent sentinel until there’s a problem, then it comes alive with audio visual alerts.


The Return on Investment (ROI) can be in tens or even hundreds.

One client has saved $180,000 in the first seven months of operation. With the systems capable of several years of vigilance the ROI will provide satisfaction to the accountants, assure the safety department and enhance operations bottom line.

The costs of having a tyre down when there’s a timeline cannot be underestimated, the ongoing costs of premature tyre failure, the hidden costs of increased fuel consumption as a result of rolling resistance, of having to find a dedicated tyre man who won’t just write down what he thinks the pressure is are all solved by using PressurePro TPMS.

With free to download software enabling the data logging monitor to provide an accurate record of tyre pressures, easy to fit and maintain, you can reveal the important messages your tyres are telling you.

TyreSafe Australia is the regional distributor for PressurePro tyre pressure monitoring systems