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Observations & Advice

Observations and suggestions will be provided as part of our endeavours to keep your tyres turning.

A site visit by TyreSafe Australia will provide more than just a formal report. Observations and suggestions will be provided as part of our endeavours to keep your tyres turning.

With many decades of experience in tyres we understand the constraints of an operation, be it on road or off road, we understand the costs of those constraints.

We don't offer "text book" solutions; we base our solutions on years of hard won knowledge, from being on the ground and observing first hand how different methods succeed.

We know how success is often confused with more tonnes at a reduced profit margin, we help you to work smarter not harder.


Providing clients with information and data that will assist in increasing productivity and safety.

When we prepare a report it’s not a computer generated blurb which baffles the reader with pretty graphs of meaningless data. We take great pride in writing our reports to provide our clients with information and data that will assist in increasing productivity and safety. Our considered opinions are drawn from experience in conjunction with the numbers, not software churning spewing out stuff you don’t understand.

We examine the data we gather to drill down to the root causes of why we observe what we do. Using easy to view engineering based regimes we identify the facts that you need to know to remedy the problems identified. With our background in mining transport we understand that holistically, tyres are part of your operation and not the only topic in the discussion. We drive our reporting to assist you for profit.


Sourcing services for all tyre or workshop related equipment

TyreSafe Australia provide sourcing services for all tyre or workshop related equipment. From platforms and storage equipment, tyre tooling, specialised tyre repair equipment even tyres. Our global network ensures that quality takes precedence in our supply chain. With direct from manufacturer supply pricing is held to a minimum. For a competitive quote on workshop equipment, tyre related equipment TyreSafe Australia can provide the solution you seek

Tyre & Production Efficiencies

QA Practices for long term results

What is the benchmark for your tyres?
How much tread rubber are you throwing away with every tyre you scrap? Why?

What does unplanned tyre related downtime costs your production?

Tyres are a major key to your production efficiencies. The time taken by a contractor to physically check tyres can cost, there are easier ways to get more availability.

Don’t consider tyres as a grudge purchase, that low cost option tyre can cost you well in excess of what you think you’ve saved. Rolling resistance of a tyre determines the energy required to roll the tyre, in other words the fuel burn rate. A cheap tyre is cheap for several reasons, the rolling resistance is probably a lot higher than a more expensive tyre. Even at .5% more rolling resistance your savings in the purchase price of a tyre can be eroded by increased fuel costs. Is it really cheaper?

The TyreSafe Australia mantra of "if your tyres aren't turning they're not earning" determines our philosophy, there are many ways to keep your tyres turning, we can assist you to install those that will earn for your operation.

Tyre Inspections

On site tyre inspections reveal the management philosophy in practise.

The scrap tyres show the mechanical defects of the equipment as well as the maintenance provided. Tyres are messengers which tell what they have experienced without any lies, if they’ve been well treated it’s very clear, the converse is equally as true.

With appropriate attention end of life tyres can be set aside for retreading. Without attention during the operating life tyres can be damaged so end up being rejected if retreading is considered.

TyreSafe Australia has extensive experience in repair, retread and manufacturing of tyres. Not all tyres are created equal. If in doubt then it’s more than likely the tyre will not live up to expectations.

How do you know your second tier tyres are safe to use? A tyre burst has sufficient contained energy to eject an 80 kg man 2 kilometres. A fatality on a mine site costs many millions of dollars, why risk that when with a TyreSafe Australia pre shipping inspection the risks can be mitigated and managed.

TyreSafe Australia prepares a comprehensive report on the manufacturing facility, the production methods and the tyre product. If the tyre(s) does not have sound appearances, the x-rays do not demonstrate structural integrity then the tyre is rejected prior to shipment, and payment, not when it arrives on your door step.

Can you afford to have suspect tyres in your operations?

Tyre Management

At TyreSafe Australia we look to help you profit from your tyres

With management techniques developed over decades of experience encompassing many different cultures sound practises have evolved to ensure that you realise the potential your tyres hold.

It's likely that we can increase the return on your tyre investment, to even improve your production rates for the same tyre costs!

Tyres rank in the top five cost centres on most sites, improvements in the way you manage your tyre investment will contribute to the success of your operation.

TyreSafe Subscription Program

For long term clients TyreSafe is on call to solve tyre technical or best practice issues or questions.

For our permanent clients we offer a service that solves those hard to answer questions that may arise from time to time. Within the subscription service any enquiries regarding tyre technical or tyre best practise issues that can be answered by email are provided as part of the service. The “Should we...” questions are solved within minutes, all part of TyreSafe Australia’s service to contribute to the most important factor in our operations, your profitability.