TyreSafe Commercial

TyreSafe Australia for Commercial and Industrial Applications

Tyres are usually one of the most expensive cost centres for a transport operation be it on road or off road. With decades of experience TyreSafe Australia provides specialist guidance to assist in safety whilst improving the bottom line.

TyreSafe Australia operates in a holistic manner. We work to achieve maximum life from your tyres. This achievement means everything else is working as it should do and your returns are maximised.

How can you tell when your tyres are not going to perform as expected?

The TyreSafe Australia motto applies to all commercial and industrial vehicles:
'If they’re not turning they’re not earning'

Our team has the experience and knowledge to keep your trucks moving, efficiently and safely.

A tyre supports the vehicle and its load, if the tyre is not maintained appropriately costs will rise, efficiency will fall away, profits will be whittled down. A loss reduction strategy is foundation for our guidance for our clients, we’re here to help you improve the return from your tyre investment!

pic deflation-animated
This image shows a steer tyre being deflated in 10 PSI steps,

from 120 PSI where it should be…
           to 60 PSI.

Do you know when it’s not safe?

TyreSafe Consulting Services

  • Obervations & Advice

    Observations and suggestions will be provided as part of our endeavours to keep your tyres turning.

  • Reporting

    Providing clients with information and data that will assist in increasing productivity and safety.

  • Sourcing

    Sourcing services for all tyre or workshop related equipment.

  • Tyre & Production Efficiencies

    QA Practices for long term results.

  • Tyre Inspections

    On site tyre inspections reveal the management philosophy in practise.

  • Tyre Management

    At TyreSafe Australia we look to help you profit from your tyres.

  • TyreSafe Subscription Program

    For long term clients TyreSafe is on call to solve tyre technical or best practice issues or questions.

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Tyre Maintenance, Management and Safety Products

  • PressurePro Tyre Monitor System

    Using electronic pressure sensors attached to the valve stems PressurePro TPMS actively monitors your tyres as your tyres are in operation. The system provides low pressure alerts well before a tyre is visibly low in pressure

  • Wheel Changer = Game Changer

    Hard work gone, safety improved

  • RLM Tyre Safety Inflation Cage
  • Hazard Recognition

    Hazard recognition stickers for tyres, be it in road transport or mining applications.

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